Dennett on the Cosmological Argument

Little background:

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon (Viking, 2006), p. 242.

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2 Responses to Dennett on the Cosmological Argument

  1. I like how the poster presents a straw-man, knocks it down and then says how it’s not a straw man. Very humourous. Is this intentional? I hope so!

    You realize a strawman argument is a false representation of an argument, made especially illogical, for the purpose of employing logic to knock it down, to make oneself look clever and the other person dumb. Which is exactly what is done here, the argument is mis-presented, it’s not “everything has a cause” it’s “whatever begins to exist, has a cause”. God didn’t begin to exist, He has always existed, therefore He does not need a cause.

    Only a real amateur would ever say that “everything” needs a cause.

  2. It’s Dennett, come on, what do you expect?

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