Strawson and responsibility


The Buck Stops — Where? Living Without Ultimate Moral Responsibility: no one can be ultimately deserving of praise or blame for anything. It’s not possible.  This is very very hard to swallow, but that’s how it is.

YOU CANNOT MAKE YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE: We are not and cannot be ultimately responsible for our behavior. According to this argument, while it may be of great pragmatic value to hold people responsible for their actions, and to employ systems of reward and punishment, no one is really deserving of blame or praise for anything.

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2 Responses to Strawson and responsibility

  1. Crude says:

    One thing about Strawson.

    For some reason his thoughts about free will are well known. Less well known is that the guy is a full-blown panpsychist, and argues that is the only rational “materialism” around. He rips Dennett apart something fierce on that subject.

    The fact that someone like Strawson can be called a naturalist only encourages me to think that the word is ridiculously empty.

  2. Maybe there are better naturalists out there? Like peripatetic naturalists?

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